Monday, 16. September 2002

News of the weird - WSSD - World Summit on Sustainable Development

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The 60,000 delegates (from 182 countries) to the recent World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, luxuriated not only in four- and five-star accommodations but an elegant food and drink layout, including tons of lobster, oysters, filet mignon, salmon, caviar, pate de foie gras, champagne, fine wines and mineral water. (An estimated 60 African children a day die from contaminated water.) The conference center (which cleared out hundreds of nearby trees to accommodate delegates' limousines) is only a few miles from the squalid neighborhood of Alexandra, one of Africa's poorest. (Poverty in Africa is up 35 percent since the last such summit, in 1992.) [Daily Telegraph (London), 8-31-02]

(Thanks Chuck Sheppard)


BFL - Week Eight Completed

And there we are - completed week 8. Four weeks to go. I have not given my lower body workouts enough attention in the second month and I certainly can do the cardio sessions more effectively. This last month will be the final stretch in a 3 month long journey and I feel committed to give it all I got. It's the "all-or-nuthin" approach now. I will also be training on my own this month, without the help of a personal trainer and I will have to see how that will go. Just 4 more weeks. Can't wait to compare my before and after photos as I truly believe that I have gained strength and size, as well as lost a lot of fat. I will also try and concentrate harder on abs this month. And then, there's tanning and de-hairing lined up for the last month as well. Wish me luck - now is the time to pick the fruits of the time and effort trees that I have planted



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