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Results after 12 weeks

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Final Measurements after 1st Challenge - 12 weeks


Ok I must say - not much happened for me in the last 2 weeks, except gaining defenition and tone (yeah yeah !!)as well as ridding myself of some accumilated water but, hey are my start and ending stats.


  1. Lose fat
  2. Define and tone
  3. Build some lean muscle

Methods used:

  1. Bf% (Calipers)to calculate fat and lean mass in conjunction with
  2. Scale wheight, and as a visible measurement
  3. Belt Notches for waist


  1. BF% down from 26% to 16% (goal was 15%)
  2. Scale wheight down from 83 kg to 78 kg That translates to 9.1kg fat lost and 4.1kg lean mucle built
  3. Belt down 4 notches (waist down 14cm)

I was not too interested in the measurements of each individual muscle or body area, but aimed for fat loss, a total body re-scuplture, definition and tone.

This experience has completely changed my lifestyle and outlook on life. I have met so many wonderfull people through it and it has become my mission to share my experience with as many people as possible.

I have convinced my wife to start with this program as well and I am so happy that she has made this decision.



Day 84 has come and gone - Challenge completed

I am pleased to announce that Friday was my 84th and final of the challenge.

What has worked for me during this challenge? . The weekly Free day . Support from all of you . Support from my wife . Support from my co-workers . Following the SA-Aproved list of foods and the eating method riligiously . Belief in God, my own abilities and the program . Following the book, again, and again . Honoring self promises - even when sometimes you don't want to . Planning, lots of it. . Smiles, in general, a smile picks me up every time

What can I do better next time? . Train lower body harder . Do cardio in the morning and loose even more fat . Do excersizes with better form . Push harder during

Am I happy with my results? . I am EXTATIC - I look and feel better than I have looked and felt in 7 years, and I dare say better than I ever looked and felt (except maybe for my testosterone-overdoses-puberty phase)

I am having all my measurements taken today and my photo shoot happenned 10.30 on Saturday. As soon as I have had the photots developed and scanned I'll put them up for all to see.

This program has changed me inside and out, greatly also in part due to all the support and advice I received from the BFL South Africa Forum.

What's next? . A week break - then a maintanance program with cardio and wheight training untill the end of the year . C2 starts the first Monday of February 2003 (inbetween going on holiday etc etc and saving up for supplements) . I am going to Success-coach my wife, who starts het C1 (can you believe it yes yes yes) on Monday in a week's time - the rest of the year I want to concentrate on helping her. She wants to do it supplement free and her goals are fat-loss and toning)

Onwards and upwards, Mikey_sa


Week 12 - Last week of Challenge 1 - Prepping for photo shoot!

This is what I will be doing / what I am currently doing for the last week of my 12 week challenge. If all goes to plan, my after photos will be taken this Saturday morning.

Last week Eating Plan: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 50g of carbs per day (not per meal) and 2 fists of protein 6 times a day.

Thursday and Friday: 50g of carbs per meal x 6 meals and a half fist of protein for 6 meals.

Saturday morning: Eat NOTHING - Photo shoot!

Last week Training Plan: Saturday - Lower Body Workout Sunday - No training Monday - Cardio + Upper Body workout Tuesday - Cardio Wednesday - Cardio Thursday - Cardio + Light upper body workout Friday - Cardio Saturday - photo prep workout

This Training and Eating plan for the last week has been specifically designed to prepare the body for more muscle defenition and to maintain muscle gained over the eleven weeks. It also rests the legs so they can heal properly and be well defined for the photo shoot.

Don't forget to also de-hair and tan. Stop Tanning 3 days before the shoot though so the skin can completely heal, otherwize it will look puffy!



BFL - the "you are here" summary and introspection

I just started my last month of BFL yesterday. Actually had to do Cardio instead of UBW as my trainer couldn't make it and I don't know which excersizes I am gonna do in my last month. So tonight it will be UBW.

Ok - I realized by this point that I will not look like Arnold Shwazzenegger at the end of my challenge. Thus I have re-aligned my goals as surely, I am not going to suddenly double in size in the last month, am I?


  1. Loose fat - +- 10kg of it
  2. Increase muscle definition, build some lean muscle
  3. Increase fitness level
  4. Correct posture

So how have I done after 8 weeks?

  1. BF% down from 26% to 18% thus lost 9kg of fat, that's 18 tubs of butter baby !
  2. Muscle definition increased, biceps, triceps, fore-arms and chest size increased slightly (not as much as I hoped), legs lost all fat but haven't increased in size. Most improvement visible in Biceps, then triceps. Starting to have that v-shaped upper body. Nutshell: I was hoping for more
  3. Fitness level definately increased
  4. Posture corrected.

Plan for last month:

  1. Increase intensity for cardio - gotta burn more fat
  2. Increase intensity for Abs - I want that six-pack
  3. Continue with weight Training, hoping for more definition, not expecting much more growth.

Do you guys think i am on the right track here? Are people who didn't change into Rambo over 12 weeks also in the running for prizes, as I can't see how I would change into Rambo over the next 4 weeks.

In conclusion: Happy with my results thus far, although I am a bit dissapointed with the amount of muscle I picked up. Looking forward, believing that this last 4 weeks will make a difference.



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