Tuesday, 16. September 2003

The VWSA / Strijdom Park VW Saga almost concluded.

Apologies for not following up sooner. I've been unavailable so to speak.

I have subsequently taken my car to VW Strijdom Park for it's service. I have met with the dealer principle who has put my mind at ease that they do want to provide me with the best of service. I decided to give them a change and was for the most part happy with the service I received. Only the windnoise problem still has to be resolved - not by lack of trying from VW Strijdom Park. Two days into trying to sort the windnoise problem out, I asked for the car back as I desperately needed it. (They did supply me with a loan car, but I needed mine and felt that they could look at the windnoise problem again at my next service).

Thanks for making me feel valued again and addressing the issues I had. See you in +-7500kms when I hope you can sort the windnoise out. (3rd time lucky hey?)



Friday, 20. June 2003

Burn buggers burn !

The Volkswagen South Africa saga. Does Volkswagen South Africa care about its customers? Does the franchised dealer (Strijdom Park VW) care? Can they pick up a phone? Can they drop an e-mail? You be the judge !



Monday, 19. May 2003

Certification successfully completed

I have successfullt completed my "Certified Lotus Professional : R5 Application development" certification.


Glad that one is off my shoulders. Will be looking to do another exam for Principal CLP towards the end of the year.

Until later, Keep well



Wednesday, 15. January 2003

And now for some anti-Zimbabwe sentiment!

These might produce a chuckle or two!


Tuesday, 26. November 2002

The hippy in me

Well . . . with me being into alternative lifestyles and all I decided that from this day forth I will be known as Brother Mike, The Hippy.

No .. just kidding - we recently had a 60's themed year-end function at work so here are some pics of me, Brother Mike, The Hippy. I won the prize for best dressed male for this outfit, but don't bargain on seeing me like this in public again soon.

Click on the images to view them

The hippy in me Dang look at that hippybrother What is a hippy without some friends


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