Tuesday, 17. September 2002

BFL - the "you are here" summary and introspection

I just started my last month of BFL yesterday. Actually had to do Cardio instead of UBW as my trainer couldn't make it and I don't know which excersizes I am gonna do in my last month. So tonight it will be UBW.

Ok - I realized by this point that I will not look like Arnold Shwazzenegger at the end of my challenge. Thus I have re-aligned my goals as surely, I am not going to suddenly double in size in the last month, am I?


  1. Loose fat - +- 10kg of it
  2. Increase muscle definition, build some lean muscle
  3. Increase fitness level
  4. Correct posture

So how have I done after 8 weeks?

  1. BF% down from 26% to 18% thus lost 9kg of fat, that's 18 tubs of butter baby !
  2. Muscle definition increased, biceps, triceps, fore-arms and chest size increased slightly (not as much as I hoped), legs lost all fat but haven't increased in size. Most improvement visible in Biceps, then triceps. Starting to have that v-shaped upper body. Nutshell: I was hoping for more
  3. Fitness level definately increased
  4. Posture corrected.

Plan for last month:

  1. Increase intensity for cardio - gotta burn more fat
  2. Increase intensity for Abs - I want that six-pack
  3. Continue with weight Training, hoping for more definition, not expecting much more growth.

Do you guys think i am on the right track here?
Are people who didn't change into Rambo over 12 weeks also in the running for prizes, as I can't see how I would change into Rambo over the next 4 weeks.

In conclusion:
Happy with my results thus far, although I am a bit dissapointed with the amount of muscle I picked up. Looking forward, believing that this last 4 weeks will make a difference.



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