Monday, 9. September 2002

Watched: The Others, with Nicole Kidman

This movie probably falls into the category of "you are going to like it or you are going to hate it". The plot is quite innovative and I think Nicole playes her role well. From the opening sequence, one is left with a "everything is not right here" feeling that persists to the climax of the film. At times, the story could move a bit faster, but the pace leads one to the dramatic plot twist at the end. This plot twist is really the highlight of the film. If you are looking for blood and gore and screaming banshees, then this is not the film for you. If you are looking for a suspence thriller, based on the supernatural that is really only scary in your own imagination, then this one is for you. I would rate it a 7, not too serious, but one is left with a few interesting concept to ponder afterwards.


Navigation updated

Added a clickable list of the available topics under the bolded "...topics" link on the right navigation. You can still click on the "...topics" link, which would give you the same list of topics on a page of it's own.


Now they are MY eyes

Ok, Changed the site graphic again - quite liked the "eyes" idea, and now they are my eyes.


BFL - week 7 results

Week 7 was pick-it-up-again week for me. Had a great week. Was able to stick to the eating plan, have increased in size and strength and I am quite happy that I am progressing nicely with my challenge.
I was a bit dissapoinred though as my bodyfat % only dropped with 1 point in the last 3 weeks. Will take some time to undo the damage of my "lost week", but let's see how it goes from here. This week is a Lower Body week mostly and I am truly enjoying the new lower body routine. Must try and get some scans of my "before" pictures so that I can put them up.



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