The "Dros" in Randburg and the cockroach

Friday was my wedding anniversary and I decided to take my wife and two of our friends out to the Dros in Randburg.

Our waiter was not that bright, but with this I could live. The food was great and all in all we had a great time. After finishing our meals, a cockroach came running accros our table and amidst the screams and disbelief, we managed to kill it with a nearby ashtray.

Of course I called the hostess and voiced my concerns regarding this experience. She couldn't help me and called a manager. He came over to the table and said: "Sorry, we really struggle to keep them in the kitchen". Can you believe it? What kind of a comment is that? I was furious and made one hell of a scene but even as another, supposedly more senior manager tried to assist us it was clear that the Dros was not concerned about the obvious lack of hygiene or the disgust we felt.

We got the impression that we needed to explain to the establishment why such a thing is unacceptable. After putting up a fight and obviously causing too much excitement, the Dros discounted us R90 for the meal. All we wanted was an honest. "Sorry, this really shouldn't have happened" - come on Dros - take responsibility!!!

I could have lived with it running across our table, as this is surely the exception, but the attitude of the establishment is what makes me really angry. Do SA service providers just not care? Do we always get bad service because we don't complain enough?

What do you think?

As an afterthough - next time you feel like an eisbein, give the Dros in Randburg a skip - you might get more than you bargained for and an attitude to boot.


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